Student Amenities:
Students' Common Room Facilities
UGC Sponsored Stipend for SC, ST, OBC (non-creamy layer), minority community students, physically challenged students and financially disadvantaged (General category) students, i.e. BPL Card holders : A stipend of Rs. 500/- per month to 100 students belonging to the above mentioned categories are to be selected on merit-cum-means basis for purchasing books, stationery and for incurring contingent

expenditure. The awards are decided annually and a student will get the reward for one year. The stipend will be awarded strictly on merit basis, based on performance in preceding examination and on the basis of attendance in the classes, both Honours and General. A Committee headed by the Principal will decide on the list of the awardees.
Jindal Scholarship : M/s J indal has sponsored a scholarship worth Rs. 500/- per month to 50 students based on merit-cum-means.
Students’ Aid Fund : Utilizing the Students’ Aid Fund, a percentage of students belong to the BPL Categories are given a concession in tuition fees [3 months exemption for Hons. students and 2 months exemption for General students]
The College also gives a concession in tuition fees for BPL students on Merit basis.
After Admission a student is required to get an Identity Card signed by the Principal of the College. The Identity Card will be a proof of his/her status as a student of this College. The possession of this Identity Card will entitle to get his/her rightful privileges as a student. In order to get an Identity Card the student is required to produce a Passport size photograph of himself/herself. Loss of this Card should be reported immediately to the College Office. Rs. 20/- will be charged for issuing a new duplicate Identity Card.
A Card will be issued to the students after admission in which, any item or stipend issued to him from the college (Identity Card, Library Card, NCC Clothing, Stipend, Scholarship etc.) will be stamped on and the same card will be used for taking clearance from various departments before filling up University Examination forms.
Students joining the College classes are required to get their names registered with the University for the validation of their admission. Immediately after admission they must, for the purpose, fill in the prescribed forms (available at the College Office) and submit the necessary documents in suppo of application, along with the scheduled University Registration Fee.
Students who are unsuccessful at the M.A./B.A./B.Sc./B. Com. University Examination after being sent up. and who seek re-admission are called Irregular students. The students, if readmitted have to prusue a regular Course of Studies for one Academic year.
Two Class Tests per paper are arranged for the P.G. Students in Bengali (excluding Project Work / Dissertation Paper) of 10 marks each and the total marks obtained in each paper is transformed into TEN and is added in the Final Marks.
Five Class Tests per Honours Paper and Two Class Tests per General Paper are Compulsory and these will carry weightage as per University norms. (10% per Honours & General Paper) in the Final Examinations.
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UG Honours Merit List (2018- 19)

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(10 % of Total Marks in the Best Five + Sub. Marks = Merit Score)
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